Monday, October 3, 2011

Smile for the day.

Some people are like Slinkies - not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs abd when they do send them our way.

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Friday, September 30, 2011


How many of you are saying that today?

We work and work and work all week only to take a break from the daily grind for three nights and two days.

Have you ever sat down and thought about how this life style effects your health? Well I have.

Did you know there are three stress on your body that will effect how your health is?

1) Physical stress. This is what you do to your body. Any slips, falls, fender benders, accidents, how you sit, how you stand, how you relate to your physical surroundings. The more stress you put on your body the more it may break down. But on the other side is also inactivity. This is just as bad. If you do nothing but sit in front of your TV, computer, desk, just doing no physical activities this also is a stress on your body.
2) Chemical stress. This is what you put in your body. What you eat, drink, and breath in your body. What you eat makes a difference on your health. Do you eat junk? Eat out all the time? Do you wonder what was put in the ground that was supposed to help grow the food you eat? What was put in that animal you are eating to help it grow? All those chemicals are now passed on to you. Study after study are showing how this effects your health. Any drug or medication you put in your body will have a side effect. It also just numbs your body or fools it and covers up your true health problem.
3) Emotions stress. The emotional stress can and will cause stress on your physical stress. Were does your body get tight and tense when you get worked up over something?

In the end all the stresses on your body will effect you in ways that you may not understand. That is why you need to make sure that you are under care of a Chiropractor who really understands how these stress effect you over all health.

So as you say TGIF make sure you are taking care of that body that God gave you and get recharged and ready to take on the World on Monday.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Chiropractic Celebrates 116 Years!

On September 18, 1895 the first chiropractic adjustment was given by Dr. DD Palmer, a magnetic healer of the time, to Harvey Lillard.  Mr. Lillard, a janitor in the Ryan building on the corner of Brady and
2nd Street
in Davenport Iowa, was nearly totally deaf for 17 years.  After the historic first adjustment, Harvey's hearing returned.  This revelation, led Dr. Palmer to theorize that nerve interference from a spinal bone out of place was the cause of Harvey's hearing loss.  He further postulated that returning the bone to a more normal position might help correct the problem. It was from this simple beginning that the chiropractic profession was born.

On this anniversary, it might be interesting to read the words of Dr. DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic. We have presented them below.
 "Harvey Lillard a janitor in the Ryan Block, where I had my office, had been so deaf for 17 years that he could not hear the racket of a wagon on the street or the ticking of a watch. I made inquiry as to the cause of his deafness and was informed that when he was exerting himself in a cramped, stooping position, he felt something give way in his back and immediately became deaf. An examination showed a vertebrae racked from its normal position. I reasoned that if that vertebra was replaced, the man's hearing should be restored. With this object in view, a half-hour's talk persuaded Mr. Lillard to allow me to replace it. I racked it into position by using the spinous process as a lever and soon the man could hear as before. There was nothing "accidental" about this, as it was accomplished with an object in view, and the result expected was obtained. There was nothing "crude" about this adjustment; it was specific, so much so that no Chiropractor has equaled it."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To School Basics.

Children and Chiropractic Care.

In my office I have many parents who have regular check up for their children’s teeth, hearing, and vision. When I ask them if they have their spines checked most respond “no”, then ask “Why?” I respond by telling them because it may be the most important check up they have. An unhealthy spine may affect the health of your child. The spine is what protects the nervous system. The nervous system controls all functions of the body. Dr. Skrien is trained to look for vertebral subluxations of the spine and extremities.  The vertebral subluxations cause the nervous system to be in a state of dis-ease, and not working properly. This will cause the health of your child to less then healthy.

Dr. Skrien Has Help Children With The Following Conditions With Chiropractic Care:
  • Bed wetting
  • Allergies
  • Sinus problems
  • Ear infections
  • Scoliosis
  • Eye problems
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Poor concentration
  • Skin conditions
  • Hip, leg or foot pain
  • Croup
  • Headaches
  • Sport related injuries, sprains, strains of the ankle, foot, elbow, shoulder, and knees.
  • And others.

In conclusion don’t leave your children home, get them checked. For what they do know will effect their health the rest of their lives. More families are finding that periodic chiropractic checkups for their children make a big difference in their health.  Dr. Skrien is specially trained to check your child’s spine for areas of vertebral subluxations. Why not make chiropractic spinal check ups a part of your child’s health program.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Little Things.

Have you ever thought about what makes your life worth wild?
I have.

Yesterday in the office I was able to have a patient who is in her 70's tell me about what makes her life worth wild. You see for years she has been in pain that has been preventing her from enjoying her life. She has not been able to work in her flower garden, bowl, dance, do daily activities without pain. It got to the point that she has been very depressed and taking medications for her depression. This was not helping. She felt her life was not worth going on with. But why she was sharing this with me was that for the first time in years she was starting to enjoy her life for she was pain free for the last two weeks. You see she has been under care now for four months for her pain. In the beginning she was not getting relief. During the first re exam we could see that her nervous system was starting work correctly even though she did not have symptomatic relief yet. As the second month of care started she did have a few days with less pain. By the third months she had a few days that were pain free. Then by the fourth month we had decreased her treatment plan to seeing her just every two weeks.
So back to the point what makes her life worth living. The Little Things she said "I was able to bowl three games this week and each game I felt better.  I was able to work in my flower garden, and I felt better. I was able to go for a walk, and I felt better. My depression is under control and my pain is gone. Life is great. This weekend I get to go to my Grandsons Wedding and will be able to dance. I am so happy to be able to do this" she told me. She said "thanks for letting me have all the Little Things back that make life worth living".

Have you been missing out on the The Little Things that make life worth going on with? If so contact us and see how we can help you with the The Little Things.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Not sleeping well?

Hey Dr. Parrish Skrien! Thanks for the adjustment yesterday. I didn't realize how poorly I was sleeping until you mentioned it to me after the adjustment. Slept like a baby last night!


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