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Coronavirus 19 has just been named a Pandemic:
In 1918 an influenza pandemic swept the world. It sometimes pay to look back in history to help us in the present. 

1918 Influenza Epidemic Records from Walter C. Rhodes, DC 
“The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas,” by Walter C. Rhodes, DC, states chiropractic care came into its own during the 1918 influenza epidemic. The following statistics from his chiropractic records leave no doubt chiropractic care offers value for influenza and pandemic care. 
“The 1917 - 1918 influenza epidemic swept silently across the world bringing death and fear to homes in every land. Disease and pestilence, especially the epidemics, are little understood even now and many of the factors that spread them are still mysterious shadows, but in 1917-1918 almost nothing was known about prevention, protection, treatment or cure of influenza. The whole world stood at its mercy, or lack of it.” “But out of that particular epidemic, the young science of chiropractic grew into a new measure of safety. "
“Statistics reflect a most amazing, almost miraculous state of affairs. 
The medical profession was practically helpless with the flu victims but chiropractors seemed able to do no wrong.” 
“In Davenport, Iowa, 50 medical doctors treated 4,953 cases, with 274 deaths. In the same city, 150 chiropractors including students and faculty of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, treated 1,635 cases with only one death.”
 “In the state of Iowa, medical doctors treated 93,590 patients, with 6,116 deaths - a loss of one patient out of every 15. In the same state, excluding Davenport, 4,735 patients were treated by chiropractors with a loss of only 6 cases - a loss of one patient out of every 789.” 
2 “National figures show that 1,142 chiropractors treated 46,394 patients for influenza during 1918, with a loss of 54 patients - one out of every 886.”
 “Reports show that in New York City, during the influenza epidemic of 1918, out of every 10,000 cases medically treated, 950 died; and in every 10,000 pneumonia cases medically treated 6,400 died. These figures are exact, for in that city these are reportable diseases.” 
“In the same epidemic, under drug-less methods, only 25 patients died of influenza out of every 10,000 cases; and only 100 patients died of pneumonia out of every 10,000 cases. This comparison is made more striking by the following table:” 
Influenza Cases Deaths Under medical methods 10,000 950 Under drug-less methods 10,000 25 Pneumonia Cases Deaths Under medical methods 10,000 6,400 Under drug-less methods 10,000 100 
“In the same epidemic reports show that chiropractors in Oklahoma treated 3,490 cases of influenza with only 7 deaths. But the best part of this is, in Oklahoma there is a clear record showing that chiropractors were called in 233 cases where medical doctors had cared for the patients, and finally gave them up as lost. The chiropractors saved all these lost cases but 25.” 
“And when interviews of the old timers are made it is evident that each still vividly remembers the 1917-1918 influenza epidemic. We now know about 20 million persons [recent estimates are as high as 100 million deaths] around the world died of the flu with about 500,000 Americans among that number. But most chiropractors and their patients were miraculously spared and we repeatedly hear about those decisions to become a chiropractor after a remarkable recovery or when a close family member given up for dead suddenly came back to vibrant health.” 
When I started studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic I had personally meet doctors of chiropractic who had been thrown in jail for practicing chiropractic care without a license. Because of this pandemic Chiropractic was able to show that they were distinct and different from Medical care. This enabled the profession of Chiropractic to get their own license to practice health care under a Doctor of Chiropractic license in many states.       
Dr. Skrien's Comments:
In 27 years of practice I have seen how the human body has the ability express health when  allowed to. Chiropractic care has always been about allowing your body run at its top innate ability. By having a nervous system running without interference your body can respond to the stresses on your health. The nervous system controls all functions of the body. 
Chiropractic has always been about maximizing the function of the body. The healthier your nervous system is the healthier you are.So when looking back in history is it not eye opening when the most deadly flu ever happened people did not find relief from a shot or toxic medication.
Doesn’t it make sense to keep the nerve that control your immune system free and clear of interference?  So doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to get their body functioning better with chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle?
So instead of waiting for symptom of illness show up doesn't it make sense to have your nervous system working at it best potential. 
If you would like a free assessment to see if chiropractic care can help you and your family give us a call. 507-344-8300

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Chiropractic Treatment for Spondylosis

Woman experiencing pain in spine
Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Ease the Pain of Spondylosis
Aches and pains in your back or neck could be caused by spondylosis, a condition that occurs after years of wear and tear on your spine. Although popping a few pain relievers can decrease your symptoms, the relief is only temporary and can be accompanied by unpleasant side effects. Chiropractic treatment eases your pain naturally and offers longer-lasting relief of symptoms.
Spondylosis Explained
Spondylosis, commonly called arthritis of the spine, occurs due to several age-related changes in your spine. Thirty-three bony vertebrae support your body, making it possible to stand, bend and lift heavy objects. Small fluid-filled discs located between vertebrae absorb shock, cushion the joints and help the spine maintain its structural integrity.
As you age, the discs begin to dehydrate and shrink. As a result, they can't absorb shock quite as well as they could when you were younger. Your disks begin to gradually change around age 40, although you may not notice any differences for years.
The dehydration process can cause cracks or tears in the outer layer of disks, increasing your risk of herniated disks. Herniations happen when the soft, gel-like center of the disc protrudes and presses on spinal nerves, causing pain.
The space between the vertebrae gradually narrows as the discs flatten due to dehydration. When this occurs, painful bone spurs may form at the ends of vertebrae.
Age-related changes can also wear away the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of the vertebrae and stiffens the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together, resulting in pain and stiffness when you bend and move.
Common Spondylosis Symptoms
It takes many years to notice the effects of spondylosis. You may only experience occasional symptoms in your 40s and 50s. Your back or neck may hurt or feel a little stiff after you spend the day weeding your flower beds or participating in a 5K. These changes can occur even if you've been healthy and active all of your life and practice proper lifting techniques.
Your risk of spondylosis increases significantly with age. The Mayo Clinic notes that more than 85 percent of people over age 60 experience spondylosis in their necks.
Severe neck and back pain can occur if your condition worsens. You may notice that it's difficult to move or walk and may experience weakness or tingling sensations in your arms or legs.
How Your Chiropractor Can Help You
Chiropractic treatment can relieve pain, improve your range of motion and reduce pressure on your spinal nerves due to herniated discs or bone spurs. After performing an examination and conducting a few diagnostic tests, your chiropractor may recommend one or more of these treatments:
  • Spinal Manipulation: Your chiropractor uses quick, hands-on pressure or an activator to realign your vertebrae. Manipulations improve range of motion in your neck and back, decrease pain and make it easier to move the muscles in your neck and back. After an adjustment, you'll notice less pain and stiffness. Spinal manipulation is among the therapies that the American College of Physicians recommends for the treatment of nonradicular low back pain. Nonradicular pain is pain that doesn't spread to your arms or legs.
  • Spinal Mobilization: Spinal mobilization stretches the spine and decreases tension in the muscles between your vertebrae with slow, gentle movements.
  • Flexion-Distraction: Flexion-distraction is performed on a segmented table. As your chiropractor slowly manipulates your spine, the table moves beneath you, decompressing and stretching your vertebrae. Flexion-distraction improves mobility, decreases pressure on nerves and discs, reduces bulging of disks, and eases pain and stiffness.
  • Massage: Spinal alignment issues can cause painful stiffening in the muscles of your back and neck. Massage relaxes these muscles and improves blood flow to the area, facilitating recovery.
  • Traction: Traction treatments gently pull and decompress your vertebrae, relieving pain and stiffness and decreasing pressure on your nerves. The therapy can be performed manually or with a special device.
  • Other Therapies: Depending on your diagnosis, your chiropractor may also suggest ultrasound therapy, cold and heat therapy, electrical nerve stimulation treatment or trigger point therapy.
Don't let spondylosis pain take over your life. Chiropractic treatment offers a safe, natural way to control your symptoms. Contact us to schedule your appointment.
Mayo Clinic: Cervical Spondylosis
Arthritis Foundation: How Chiropractors Can Help Arthritis Pain
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American College of Physicians: American College of Physicians Issues Guideline for Treating Nonradicular Low Back Pain, 2/4/17

Friday, March 1, 2019

Peek performance

I have treated athletes ranging from weekend warriors, tball players, 1st time 5k runners, marathon runners, high school athletes, college athletes,  athletes training for Olympic trials,  ... the list goes on. So call today and find out how we can get you at your peak performance!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

No cane needed

#greatadjustment You know it was a great adjustment when they leave there cane behind. If you need a great adjustment get in and see Dr Skrien.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Give a healthy spine to your kids.

Give Your Kids the Gift of a Healthy Spine

Fun Factoids
Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza everyday.
The Sahara Desert stretches farther than the distance from California to New York.
Honeybees navigate by using the Sun as a compass.
The health of a child’s spine needs to be taken very seriously. A healthy spine will decrease their chance of injury, improve their posture, improve their overall health and help to avoid spinal problems such as scoliosis. in fact, studies have shown that children who receive regular chiropractic care are less frequently sick, are able to concentrate better and are generally healthier. As parents, this is what we want for our kids, right?
Here are three things that you can do today to help improve your child’s spinal health:
Regular chiropractic care. Just as children need good hygiene, dental care and sound nutrition, they also need regular chiropractic care. Chiropractic care will help to restore and maintain normal spinal function, allowing a child’s body to develop optimally.
Limit backpack weight. One common source of spinal injury for children is their heavy backpacks. Limit the weight of their backpacks to 10% - 15% of their body weight. For example: A child weighing 50 lbs. should carry no more than 7.5 lbs, and a child weighing 80 lbs. should carry no more than 12 lbs. If children carry more than this, they have an increased risk of injuring themselves.
Keep kids active. There is an epidemic of childhood obesity in this country as more and more children spend their day in front of the television and playing computer games. This not only increases their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease early in life, it is also very stressfull on the spine. More and more children suffer from back pain and headaches simply because they don’t get enough exercise.
Every child is different and has unique needs. Dr. Skrien is trained in evaluating and treating the spines of all ages. Give your kids the gift of a...

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Regular Chiropractic Care

Many of us take better care of our automobiles than we do our own bodies… yet the auto has replaceable parts.

 Regular check ups with Dr. Skrien can help you avoid costly medical costs in the future.

Click this link and start your care today. You will glad you did.

 NATURALLY GOOD HEALTH with Skrien Chiropractic